The Top Cities I’ve Visited On My Travels So Far!

The Top Cities I’ve Visited On My Travels So Far!

I’ve visited quite a few cities around the world and in this article, I’ve narrowed my list of cities down to three incredible cities…(It was difficult).

So usually you’re either a city lover or a country bumpkin right? Personally, I’m a wildlife and nature lover. I prefer nothing better than exploring mountains, national parks and all the natural sights a country can offer. However, there’s no denying that there are a few cities around the world that deserve to be on everyone’s bucket list for how incredible they actually are!

In this article, I’ll be listing some of the cities that have blown me away with their beauty, culture and the endless list of things to see and do. So here are some of the top cities I’ve visited on my travels so far…


Singapore, Singapore, Singapore. Where to start with this incredible city? The moment I stepped foot in Singapore I fell in love with the place. It’s got a little bit of everything for everyone. The food is incredible and you’ll have an endless choice of cuisines and the best thing about it is that you can eat really well at an extremely cheap price. Singapore is a cultural mix and this has a huge impact on the food. You can satisfy your need for a curry by visiting Little India and sampling some incredible Indian food. Likewise, you can get some great Chinese dishes in China Town and if you’re on a budget then this is no problem at all as some of the best food in Singapore is located within the Hawker Centres. These are extremely cheap food centres that serve up some incredibly tasty dishes. During my last visit to Singapore, I had the pleasure of eating at a Michelin star food stall in a Hawker Centre and I spent less than £5! How incredible is that?

A foodies dream is not all Singapore has to offer. There’s an endless list of things to see and do. You can check out the Gardens by the Bay, where you can stroll along the skywalk between the Supertree Grove. You’ll get incredible views of the Marina Bay Sands and witness the 20 something metre high trees glow in the evening. You can also visit the Cloud Forest and see the worlds largest indoor waterfall. Singapore really is a city that has nature embedded within its modern design. You can feel as though you’re in the heart of nature whilst being in the comfort of a towering city.

The list of places to visit and attractions to see really is endless. Among other things, some of the best highlights are the incredible Marina Bay Sands, an architectural masterpiece of a hotel. As well as, the numerous amusement parks such as Universal Studios and the Singapore Zoo. All of these reasons, on top of Singapore being a culturally diverse city that is extremely clean, means it should definitely be near the top of your bucket list!

Be careful though as Singapore is known as a ‘Fine’ city due to its extremely strict rules. Check out The Perfect Day in Singapore article to see how to see the best of Singapore in only one day!


Budapest has a solid reputation for being a European gem. This beautiful city formed from a combination of two cities (Buda and Pest) should most definitely be on your bucket list. I would even go as far to say that it’s the best European city I’ve visited so far.

It’s cheap, there’s so much to see and do and what’s better than soaking up the culture in the thermal baths scattered around the city. In fact, I ended up extending my stay in Budapest because I loved the city so much. To sum it up it’s a mix of relaxation and utter madness.

During my stay in Budapest, I visited the iconic Ruin Bars in the Jewish Quarter and experienced an incredible nightlife. These funky bars make the most of the abandoned buildings left standing from World War II. They’re covered in cool graffiti and offer an edgy nightlife vibe that I’ve not experienced anywhere else. The whole experience of drinking in the Ruin Bars is unique. Usually, in bars, it’s not uncommon for staff to walk around selling shots or bombs to those in need of a quick drink. Well in the ruin bars the staff have decided that carrots are a more suitable option. Yes. that’s right. Carrots. I’d definitely recommend visiting these underground bars to experience a quirky yet still fairly cheap night out in a city that never disappoints.

The architecture is another element of Budapest that impressed me so much. I’m not usually a lover of architecture but it seemed like every building in Budapest is an architectural masterpiece. Everywhere you look there are examples of picturesque architecture. You could literally mistake a McDonalds for being the Parliament building. Well, not quite as the Parliament building is just something else. It’s absolutely huge and it can be fully appreciated by taking in its magnificence from a viewpoint across the other side of the Danube River.

Combine the quirky nightlife, stunning architecture, laidback thermal baths and the fact that a pint in Budapest is around £1.00 and you’ve got yourself a city you’ll be sure to fall in love with.

Cape Town

Right, I’m going to be extremely honest with you all. Cape Town is my absolute favourite city. I spent around 5 weeks here teaching at a school in Greenpoint. The moment I stepped foot in Cape Town I fell in love. It ticked all of the boxes for what makes an incredible city.

The food was unbelievable. If you’re a lover of meat (like myself) then Cape Town definitely won’t let you down. Although I can’t promise you won’t come home 2 stone heavier than when you left. The game meat is so good and during my stay, I treated myself to a game platter multiple times. There are a few quirky restaurants that would require me to post a whole article about how awesome they are.

As well as the food being incredible, Cape Town has so much to see and do. Table Mountain towers over the small town and there’s plenty of opportunities to hike and get up and close with nature. Table Mountain, Devils Peak and Lions Head all provide amazing hikes leading to incredible views over the city and the Atlantic ocean. As well as its natural beauty, the surrounding areas of Cape Town provide amazing road tripping experiences. Chapman’s Peak drive is a must do road tripping experience. Watching the sunset from the side of mountainous roads was definitely a highlight of my time in Cape Town. The natural beauty and landscape of the area make it such an incredible place to explore. Where else in the world can you visit Penguins on the beach, climb the worlds most iconic flat mountain and dive with great white sharks?

If you’re looking to experience a great night out then Cape Town is your place. Long Street is renowned for being a great place for backpackers to meet and there are tonnes of bars and restaurants to choose from. If I’m being honest Cape Town just has everything a city should have. Great day trips, endless things to see and do great cuisine and world-renowned natural beauty. So what are you waiting for? Go and explore this stunning South African city and I can promise you won’t be disappointed!


So there we have it… 

If you want to check out some of the great photography I managed to get in each of these cities then click here. 

I would love to know what you think of these cities and if there’s a city that you think should be on this list then let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading! 


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