Pangandaran – For nature lovers and adventurers! 

Pangandaran – For nature lovers and adventurers! 

I’ve recently moved on from Pangandaran to Yogyakarta, and originally Pangandaran wasn’t on my list of places to visit in Indonesia but I cannot explain to you much the visit was totally worth it! 

We arranged to stay in accommodation in Pangandaran at the Panorama A La Plage Guest House, an absolutely brilliant guesthouse, with lovely owners, cheap prices and a good breakfast in the morning. I would definitely recommend it to anybody staying in Pangandaran. However, when we first arrived we decided to check out Pangandaran and see what the small town was all about – to be heavily disappointed!

There wasn’t really much going on, the beach was ok, nothing particularly special and it was heartbreaking to see how the locals have managed to ruin a perfectly good location by littering excessively – so yeah the first impressions weren’t too great! 

This wasn’t a huge problem to us, as we didn’t make the 7 hour journey from Bandung for a beach (we will get plenty of them in Bali). We’d made the journey after hearing rumours of a nearby Green Canyon and Green Valley, the pictures on the internet looked insane – but suprisingly this place is missed by a lot of tourists! 

Our guesthouse provided tours to the Green Valley and Canyon and the neighbouring countryside, but to be honest I’m not usually a big fan of tours, I prefer to do things independently, and spend half as much. On this occasion, we decided to go ahead a book a tour, and to my surprise this was one of the best tours I’ve ever done – I cannot fault it! 

The lady who owns Panorama Guest House, gave us some information and told us the tour leader Dindin would be able to fill us in properly. After meeting Dindin, and hearing about what was included for the price we were immediately persuaded. The inclusions were a self drive motorcycle tour around the neighbouring rice paddies, and from there further driving to the Green Valley and Canyon, with all entrance fees included, petrol, a puppet show and a boat ride for only 350,000 RP (£20/$26). How insane is that? 

The best thing about it was that Dindin actually taught us how to ride motorcycles the night before, and ensured we were all safety precautions etc throughout the whole trip. So if you’re worried that a motorcycle tour isn’t for you, then don’t be! And there is also the option to ride on the back of a motorcycle, with either Dindin or one of his friends. 

The whole tour was just incredible, we started the tour driving through the countryside to get an experience of traditional Indonesia, followed by a visit to a traditional puppet maker who put on a show for us, which was actually quite funny!

The best part of the tour however, was by far the canyoning experiences through both the Green Canyon and Valley. We ended up swimming through the lush green river, climbing rocks, swinging on rope swings and jumping/diving off 18-20ft rocks and trees. It was an adrenaline fuelled day, with the perfect guide too. The link to Dindins tour is here, I would highly recommend making time and travelling to Pangandaran for this tour, it’s well worth it and the perfect mixture of nature and adventure for those of you who are adrenaline junkies like myself. The consistency of the reviews for the tour on TripAdvisor speak for themselves, you will not regret it! 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, and I look forward to sharing my next post with you! 

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