The perfect day in Singapore…

The perfect day in Singapore…

So I’ve recently moved on from my second visit to Singapore, and honestly the city just gets better and better each time I visit. When I first arrived in Singapore a couple of years ago I was blown away by the sheer amount of things going on around Marina Bay. I eventually discovered, after being completely oblivious, that the country was practicing for its 50th National Day. Luckily enough for me I got to experience firework displays, cannon shows, displays from the airforce and the most amazing sunset I’ve experienced (well, one of the best). 

However, this day of pure amazement was just simply being in the right place at the right moment, but after my recent visit I’ve realised that Singapore has a lot to offer, and it never fails to impress me!
If you’re visiting Singapore and are limited on time or you simply want to experience an awesome day in Singapore then check out this itinerary I’ve put together. And what’s best? It’s a cheap day too! 


I’m afraid you’re going to have to get up early in order for this itinerary to work, but it’s all good as it’ll definitely be worth it! 

Once you’re up and ready head to a local restaurant, (my favourite choice was Imam Banana Leaf Restaurant) and order some traditional Roti Prata. It’s basically fried flatbread that’s accompanied with a curry style sauce, sounds a bit strange for breakfast doesn’t it? It’s so good though, and just enough to line your stomach until lunch. The best thing is it only costs about SGD $3.60 for two pieces! 

After you’ve finished your traditional Singapore style breakfast, order a Nasi Goreng (Indonesian style fried rice) to go as you’re going to get hungry later on, this should cost around SGD $6.00. You’re now going to want to head towards the metro and purchase a one way ticket to Chinatown. Use the morning to wander around Chinatown, explore the markets and temples within Chinatown, and make sure you check out Buddha Tooth Relic temple. The strangest thing about Singapore is that you can walk down the street and see a Mosque and a Buddhist and Hindu temple on the same road, strange right? 

Once you’ve checked out the temples and markets, head towards Chinatown Complex Food Centre, or in other words a hawker centre. Hawker centres are basically food paradises comprising of hundreds of stalls selling cheap as chips food, they’re a foodies heaven! Once you’ve arrived at the centre search out for a restaurant called  Liao Fan (Hong Kong soya sauce chicken rice and noodle). You can’t miss it, it’ll have a huge queue so you should definitely allow 45 minutes of queuing time. But it’s definitely worth it! This place has won numerous awards (including a prestigious Singapore Michelin star) and if you taste the food you’ll definitely know why! 

Grab some Pork Ribs for just SGD $3.00 or try the signature dish of Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles for SGD $2.50. Make sure you get in the queue early though as this place is that popular they actually run out of chicken! 


After enjoying your lunch it’s time to head to Marina Bay on the MRT and explore the vast mall full of extremely renowned and expensive brands. Once you’ve finished your window shopping, head outside through the main entrance onto the promenade and you’ll be blown away by the beauty of Singapore and it’s modern skyline. 

You’ll be able to see the swarms of tourists across the bay congregating around the Merlion statue, getting selfies with it (I was one of those tourists on my first visit). Now you’re in the heart of Singapore you’ll want to spend some time simply soaking in its beauty. Walk around the promenade making your way towards the other side of the bay, and if you’re lucky you might see Otters in the bay. Once you come close to a huge building called Raffles Place (it’s pretty hard to miss) then you should see a Sushi Bar with an outside seating area, this is literally the perfect place to grab an ice cold beer and admire amazing views of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Just sit, drink and be amazed. 

Use the next couple of hours or so to explore Singapores most beautiful area, and there’s no doubt after all the walking you’ve done you’ll be hungry, so why not sit on the decking next to the Merlion statue with your Nasi Goreng you ordered for breakfast. 


At around 5:30pm you’re going to want to head to the Gardens by the Bay, you can get the MTR from Raffle’s Place to Marina Bay again, and then walk using the underground beneath the mall. When you’ve arrived you’re going to want to quickly purchase a ticket for the OCBC Skyway (SGD $8) and time it right so that you get up there for sunset. 

The ‘official’ rules of the ticket are that you can stay on the bridge for 15 minutes, but rules are made to be broken aren’t they? 

Once you’re up on the Skyway take your time and if the employee that patrols the bridge tells you to move on, then simply wait for him to pass, he won’t say anything. You’ll want to stay on the bridge until it gets completely dark as the atmosphere changes  drastically once the gardens glow at night and it’s amazing to get a feeling of the views in both at in the daytime and night time. This for me is an absolute highlight of Singapore, and if you’ve watched David Attenboroughs Planet Earth II you’ll definitely appreciate the views! 

After checking out the Gardens by the Bay, you’re going to need to walk towards the Events Promenade at the main entrance of the mall. If you’re quick enough you’ll make it in time for the first viewing of the Light and Water display at 8:00pm, but don’t worry there’s another one at 9:00pm, and on weekends 10:00pm. This show is the perfect way to end an extremely busy day of trekking around some of the highlights in Singapore!
To finish your day, you’re going to want to get some food before heading to bed, or going for drinks or whatever you want to do with the rest of your evening, and the best place I can suggest to do this is Little India. Get yourself a curry and witness the hussle and bustle of Little India! 

I hope this gives you all some ideas for when you visit Singapore, I’m sure you’ll love the city as much as I do, and what’s best? This full day out costs around SGD $40/£22/$29! 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, and I look forward to sharing my next post with you

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